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STOP-Smartmeter.at - Österreich / Austria

STOP-Smart Meters is an Austria-wide network that seeks to:
- Promote freedom of choice, self-determination, personal responsibility, privacy and health
- Oppose surveillance, electrosmog and the high costs of new digital so-called “smart” meters

On these pages you can find information about new digital electricity meters, so-called "smart” meters, which are to be installed in Austria in the near future. These meters threaten the security, privacy, safety, health and well-being of people inside their homes because they enable surveillance, emit high levels of pulsed electromagnetic pollution and have been known to spontaneously combust.

Refuse “smart” meters!
CLICK HERE for forms and guidance on the best course of action. Act NOW because once a “smart” meter has been installed, the network provider is likely to refuse to remove it.
CLICK HERE to print out information you can use to inform others.

People who do not want a "smart” meter and have stood firm have succeeded in not having one installed.

Below is an outstanding and award-winning film about “smart” meters called
"Hol Dir Deine Macht zurück
" - English title: “Take Back Your Power"



About our STOP Smart Meter Network: The Network includes organizations, groups, clubs, companies and people actively dealing with this issue. The aim is to join forces in order to seek constructive solutions (regardless of party politics or other ideologies). For more information about our SSM Network CLICK HERE

We demand:

Ferraris meter (proven track record as safe)   This is what various “smart” meters look like

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